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Two ministries and commissions talked about 91 direct selling companies: recognize the seriousness of the problem


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[Direct Report Network Beijing January 30th] (Observer Network) The State Administration of Markets and the Ministry of Commerce today held a collective interview and reminding meeting for 91 direct selling companies. The relevant departments believe that while China's direct selling industry is developing rapidly, there have been many violations of laws and regulations. The masses have a strong reaction, and the social harm is great and the consequences are serious.
According to CCTV news client reported on January 29, the head of the Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Price Supervision and Competition and the Department of Market Order of the Ministry of Commerce said that direct selling companies should be highly alert and recognize the seriousness of problems in the direct selling industry. Be highly conscious and ensure that business activities do not touch the legal bottom line. In business activities, it is necessary to strengthen and improve the internal management of direct selling enterprises, strengthen management and control of sales teams, corporate executives, and direct sellers; effectively regulate business operations, eliminate excessively false propaganda and illegal direct sales; and effectively strengthen the quality of health food Safety management, strict management of health food product quality, production process, sales links, label specifications, etc.; effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, smooth the green channel of complaints, and provide convenient and fast return and exchange protection. We must attach great importance to it, strictly implement the rectification and implementation as required, and maintain social stability.
The person in charge of the Price Supervision and Competition Bureau of the General Administration of Market Supervision said that in the next step, direct selling enterprises should combine their own actual conditions and combine the rectification of the “health” market chaos into a hundred-day action, according to the requirements of this meeting and the local regulatory authorities’ interviews. , sales, after-sales service, internal management and other aspects of comprehensive investigation of loopholes, rectification of existing problems, must see results, and truly comply with the law and integrity management. For enterprises that are not well implemented, the effects are not obvious, and the problems are relatively concentrated, the government regulatory authorities will focus on interviews from time to time and take corresponding measures to punish them.
Observer Network noticed that the State Administration of Markets and the Ministry of Commerce held a collective interview and reminder meeting on 91 franchise companies. In January this year, many provinces in China have successively convened such direct sales enterprises in the province. The interview.
According to Xinhua News Agency reported on January 18, the Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Administration recently conducted a collective interview to conduct the direct sales of the registered place in Guangdong Province and the head of the Guangdong branch of the direct sales company licensed in Guangdong. Reminder.
Under the guidance of the Guangdong Provincial Market Supervision Administration, 32 direct selling companies including Amway, Perfect, and Infinitus signed the “Guangdong Direct Selling Enterprise Standard Operating Commitment” at the Guangdong Provincial Direct Selling Enterprise Announcement Meeting, promising to consciously comply with Obey the law, standardize operations, strictly manage direct sellers and dealers, consciously safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and fulfill the responsibility of direct selling companies.
According to the Yangzi Evening News, on January 23, the Jiangsu Provincial Market Supervision Administration convened a provincial direct selling enterprise standard business behavior interview, using collective interviews to conduct 40 direct selling companies or branches in the Jiangsu market. The responsible person carried out a reminder, and welcomed all sectors of the society to actively report cases involving pyramid schemes, illegal direct sales or sales, false propaganda, etc. in the rectification of the “health” market chaos. The Jiangsu market supervision department will crack down on various types of crimes. Violent business practices promote the orderly development of the direct selling industry in Jiangsu Province.
According to the report of the Southern Metropolis Daily, in order to further standardize the development of the direct selling industry in Hainan Province and promote the self-discipline and standard operation of direct selling enterprises, the Provincial Market Supervision Administration held a direct sales company interview on January 18, using collective interviews, 12 The direct sales company registered in Hainan, the Hainan branch of the direct sales company approved by Hainan direct sales area, and other direct sales branches were reminded.
According to the news report, on January 21, the Shaanxi Provincial Market Supervision Administration held a forum for direct sales enterprises and branches in Shaanxi. Zheng Chengrui, deputy director of Shaanxi Provincial Market Supervision Administration, responsible comrades of the Direct Selling Bureau and Health Products Division, and more than 50 people in Shaanxi direct sales enterprises and branches attended the meeting.
According to the report of the Great Wall Network on the 25th, the Hebei Provincial Market Supervision Bureau recently held a reminder meeting for the direct sales enterprises of the province, and collectively held a total of 37 direct selling companies in the Hebei branch of the direct sales company approved in Hebei and approved in the direct sales area of ​​Hebei. Interview reminder.
The observer network found that most provinces explicitly mentioned the rectification of “health” market chaos and the investigation of illegal direct sales and pyramid schemes.