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Secret MLM trick about high-level business managers can enjoy traveling overseas


CNDSN December 19th - (Qi Luwang) recently, the Dezhou Municipal Public Security Bureau has uncovered illegal pyramid selling case, the pyramid selling organization to some poor 3 without the product price, the value of 10 dollars or dozens of pieces of the product, they will be high to tens of thousands of. The product is a kind of props for them, they pass through this item allows the pyramid retail personnel buy the props to gain entry to the pyramid selling organization membership.

Public channel "radio and television of Shandong people's livelihood train" the reporter understands, the MLM organization structure are three three or two two system establishment, is also a member of the simultaneous development of three or two line, each line of three or two off the assembly line, with the mode of Pyramid like constantly develop, membership only to the development of appropriate referrals to obtain the corresponding rebate or return.

In order to encourage people to join, the MLM organizations generally set a seemingly fair and very attractive "high rebate plan", by using a set of seemingly scientific and reasonable bonus allocation system theory of fallacies, advocating overnight.

In this strategy the encouragement, make it very easy for people to join the investment desire, reckless pyramid selling activities. At the same time, in order to make the MLM participants believe firmly, they join MLM organizations of people with centralized instruction, talk way of uninterrupted brainwashing.

Hear reporters from the police tracked down the pyramid selling organization lecture, "as long as you become the highest level business manager of our company, the company will reward you for the annual overseas tourism; when there are three of my company the highest level business manager you below, the company will reward you with two people an annual overseas tourism; when 10 my company to the highest level of business manager you below, the company will reward you with 6 annual overseas travel."

City Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade police Zhang Xuan told reporters, the police learned of the MLM organizations the actual situation is dozens of people living in a small room, no basic sanitation facilities, we each meal are confining cook a wisp of noodles in the cauldron of the side, divided into pickles to eat.

In the face of the new members have questioned, MLM organizers will advise them, tell them it is the success on the road a little rough, only to endure this moment can make big career.

The provisions of article 224 of criminal law in our country, the leadership of the organization in order to sell goods and provide services and other business activities as, participants are required to pay fees or purchase goods and services, to obtain the membership, and formed a certain level according to certain order, directly or indirectly to the development of the number of personnel for the payment or return basis, belonging to an illegal organization pyramid selling crime.

MLM organization has great deceptive, who in the MLM organization researchers mostly penniless, illegal profit only Pyramid on top of the organizers. City Public Security Bureau Detectation battalion Zhang Xuan police remind the masses, must recognize the true face of the MLM organizations, to cooperate with the public security organs blow MLM organizations, the maintenance of our social market economy. ▲

(original title: Secret MLM trick about high-level business managers can enjoy traveling overseas)

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