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Take the "high-end line" network pyramid selling gang and cheat 6 million yuan


[Beijing Direct News Network November 8th] (New Express)Overseas projects, global financing, "dynamic and static" income, free overseas travel It's all about cheating

In the high-end club, elegant and well-dressed "successful people" point to the production of exquisite PPT, eloquently promote "high return" overseas investment projects, and talk about ways to generate money. The audience around me nodded frequently that they were competing to invest. For a while, let people think that they have joined the successful people's club, and they will be rich overnight. However, these are put on the "high-end" coat of network pyramid schemes.

On November 7, the reporter of the new express learned from Guangzhou Public Security Bureau that Haizhu police in Guangzhou carried out a severe attack and strong treatment against the economic crimes involving the public, cracked the case of "long × Chuangfu" online pyramid selling, and arrested three suspects, including Chi Yipeng (male). Under the guise of investing in overseas industries and obtaining high returns, Chi and others lured more than 40 participants to "invest" and develop offline on the illegal Internet investment platform. The total amount involved in the preliminary investigation by the police reached more than 6 million yuan.

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Sudden closure of investment platform, no recourse for millions of principal

In April, Ms. Zhong, a citizen, came to the economic crime investigation team of Haizhu District Public Security Bureau to report the case. She said that from August 2017 to December 2018, she had invested 1.15 million yuan in an online investment platform called "long × Chuangfu" after being introduced by friends. At first, the platform revenue will arrive on time, but in December 2018, the platform suddenly shut down, and all the principals lost contact.

After preliminary investigation by the police, it was found that the server of the "long × Chuangfu" network investment platform described by Ms. Zhong was located abroad, and the platform was not registered with any entity company in China, nor recognized by the financial regulatory authority, and was an illegal platform.

After further inquiry, the police learned that Ms. Zhong was introduced by a friend to an investment promotion meeting of "long x Chuangfu", and heard that the project promoter Chi Yipeng claimed that the platform was supported by yachts, real estate, medical and other industrial projects under development overseas, and supported by the local government. These projects are still in the financing stage. As long as they are invested, they can buy "original shares", and the principal can double in one year.

Unable to resist the temptation, Ms. Zhong took out a $1000 entry fee and registered on the platform to become a member without knowing more details. But next, she found that to get the so-called "high return" of 100%, she had to constantly introduce others to invest. The more people develop, the more dynamic benefits they get.


Swindle put on "high-end" coat and invite members to travel abroad for free

In response to the serious economic losses caused by the illegal platform of "long × Chuangfu", Haizhu police quickly set up a task force. Through comprehensive analysis and judgment of information, the task force further identified dozens of investment victims in Guangzhou.

At the same time, through multi-channel investigation and verification, the police found that the so-called overseas industrial projects claimed by the platform are nothing, in fact, a typical online marketing scam. The difference is that the scam is a "high-end routine" of "boiling frogs in warm water".

According to the report, the Group invested heavily in the early publicity. In addition to holding several promotion conferences in the "high and high" places, it talked about the "overseas industry" behind the platform through carefully packed contents such as video promotional films and ppts, and then talked about the "investment and wealth" of the platform in a very complex way, which induced the participants to continuously participate in the promotion conference. In this process, the participants will be constantly "brainwashed" and start to introduce more people to join in order to obtain more "static income" and "dynamic income".

In order to win the trust of investors, Chi and others will arrange a small number of large investors to travel abroad for free from time to time, organize them to check in and visit the local high-end hotels and large yacht fairs, and then go to the "field trip" or a "industrial project" block of wasteland, and falsely claim that the block will become the local top hotel club and large yacht wharf in the near future. The whole process of these free high-end tourism "inspection" will be filmed and made into exquisite promotional films, which will be used in the next promotion meeting, making more investors believe it.