2019-09-20 14:34


Rice, eggs, hand sanitizer... The Trap Behind


[Beijing Direct News Network September 20th] (Hangzhou net)Presentation of rice, eggs, hand sanitizer, watches, shoes, etc. - Hangzhou Yijian Health Management Consulting Co., Ltd. promotes its marketing activities by issuing propaganda leaflets on the street and sending newspaper boxes. The propaganda leaflets only introduce the activities of presenting products, but do not involve the introduction of the products it operates. Consumers will not inform the parties of their specific time and address until they receive the publicity materials and contact them voluntarily. When consumers come to collect gifts, the parties will introduce their products in the form of lectures. On the spot, they will exaggerate the "Cordyceps mycelium slices" sold by the company only for immune regulation and anti-fatigue in order to effectively improve the insomnia of the elderly and alleviate the high level of insomnia. Blood pressure, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, heart disease and other therapeutic effects.

Hangzhou Gongshu District Market Supervision Bureau ordered the parties to stop their illegal activities and imposed a fine of 360,000 yuan. This is one of the typical cases of joint rectification announced by Zhejiang Provincial Market Regulatory Bureau yesterday.

It involves false propaganda, sales of counterfeit drugs, etc.

Zhejiang announces a new batch of typical cases of joint renovation

Since May last year, Hangzhou Xingshiya Science and Technology Co., Ltd. has been promoting the high potential therapy of "Baishile" for middle-aged and elderly people who come to experience products free of charge in rural areas of Lin'an by employee's oral presentation or playing PPT pictures on computers in turn. The parties involved in the propaganda of the PTT contains "100% safety, the elderly, middle-aged, children are easy to use, effectiveness: 98.86%", and other content. At the same time, the propaganda of high-potential therapeutic instrument has the functions of mediating the autonomic nervous system, endocrine system and immune system to prevent and treat various chronic diseases. After investigation, the therapeutic instrument belongs to the third category of medicine. Therapeutic devices, the product has a high risk, need to take special measures to strictly control management to ensure its safety and effectiveness.

When announcing the function of the product to consumers, the parties concerned make false propaganda beyond the scope of application approved by the product registration certificate, which violates the provisions of the Anti-Unfair Competition Law of the People's Republic of China. Hangzhou Linan District Market Supervision Bureau, in accordance with relevant regulations, ordered the parties to stop their illegal activities and imposed a fine of 1.2 million yuan.

In addition to the cases of Hangzhou Xingshiya Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Yijian Health Management Consulting Co., Ltd., a false propaganda case of Ningbo Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a mail-order "Tongrentang" counterfeit drug case of Huzhou De Investigate and Deal with Zhejiang Huikang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was announced yesterday. Planning pyramid marketing and false propaganda cases, Jiaxing Tongxiang City investigating and dealing with false propaganda cases of Tongxiang Oriental Hospital Co., Ltd., Jinhua Development Zone investigating and dealing with false propaganda cases of micro-merchants selling food, Taizhou investigating and dealing with cases of undocumented operation of food and false propaganda cases of Yuhuan Yiyuan Health Consulting Co., Ltd.

Investigate and deal with 1781 cases of illegality in various kinds of "health care" Market

1222 cases were closed and the value of the goods involved was 140 million yuan.

The reporter learned from the Zhejiang Provincial Market Regulatory Bureau that since the joint efforts to rectify the "health care" market chaos were carried out, the Zhejiang Provincial Market Regulatory Department and relevant action member units have strictly followed the "100-day action plan for jointly rectifying the"health care"market chaos" of the thirteen ministries and commissions of the state, and the "100-day action for earnestly doing a good job of the"100-day action". As required by a series of documents and conference spirit, such as the Notice of Customs Work, we have continued to maintain the high pressure of "health care" market regulation, continued the mechanism of joint governance, and actively constructed a long-term mechanism, which has achieved remarkable results.

According to statistics, up to now, more than 150,000 law enforcement officers have been dispatched to inspect 9,678 crowded places such as communities, parks and squares, 12,366 key places such as hotels and hotels, 26,553 "health" stores, 7,840 key areas such as tourist attractions, rural fairs and urban-rural junctions. Consumer complaints were reported 1936 times, 1 781 cases of illegality in various "health care" markets were filed and investigated, 1 222 cases were settled, the value of goods involved was 140 million yuan, and 50 cases were transferred to judicial organs.