2019-08-05 15:18


Carpet-type thorough investigation in Changsha to carry out pyramid marketing "cap removal" work


[Beijing Direct News Network, August 5] (Red Net)On August 2, the Changsha Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau convened a conference on combating pyramid marketing. The conference carried out the spirit of videoconference on combating pyramid marketing in the whole province, summarized the situation of combating pyramid marketing in Changsha since this year, and studied and deployed the task of combating pyramid marketing in the next stage.

At the meeting, the heads of Yuelu District Bureau and Changsha County Bureau made speeches as representatives of the district (city) bureaus, and each district (city) Bureau submitted a responsibility letter.

At the meeting, a circular was read out on the publication of the Action Plan for Deeply Developing the Special Centralized Regulation against Pyramid Marketing in the City. Relevant persons in charge of the discipline inspection and supervision group of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau of the Municipal Discipline Commission interpreted the relevant cases and put forward relevant requirements for cracking down on pyramid selling. They did not place proper investigation, routine supervision, handling and striking, and report transfer, which led to serious pursuit of the work affecting the city's "cap removal" according to law and regulations. Responsibility.

The meeting indicated that pyramid selling is not only an economic issue, but also a social security issue. It is also a political issue affecting social stability. All cadres and workers should fully understand the urgency, complexity and arduousness of cracking down on pyramid selling. In the next stage, we will carry out "carpet-type" thorough investigation throughout the city, actively encourage the masses to expose and report pyramid selling activities, and carry out targeted checks of key areas and key parts in accordance with the principle of "territorial management".