2017-09-14 16:27


Jiyuan out of two MLM dens are under the guise of Sinology


[straight network Beijing September 14th hearing] (Jiyuan Morning Post) in an abandoned classroom
Neatly took a room in the elderly
They are listening carefully to the students on the platform
Share your views on Sinology
September 12th
City industry and Commerce Bureau, Public Security Bureau joint action
In one fell swoop, two ways to make use of "pull the head"
Dens for pyramid selling activities
48 people suspected of pyramid schemes
At 9:20 in the morning, the Jiyuan Morning Post reporter followed the law enforcement officers to Jiyuan Hongda driving school (formerly Jiyuan machinery senior technical school), an abandoned teaching building.
I saw the stairs hung a "national studies" of the big signs. Upstairs to the third floor, there are more than 30 students sitting in a classroom.
Showed the documents after law enforcement officers explained what he wanted, and took control of the platform just to share views on the "Ancient Chinese Literature Search lecturer".
"How can we be a MLM organization? We have been learning Mao Zedong thought and traditional culture. Such good educational activities are not going to be pyramid schemes."." Zhang sister 35 years old, just joined the "Guoxue class" for more than a month.
"Yes, we are very well behaved, every day we learn to sing the song, a man from the beginning of filial piety, kindness and love......"
In another room across the classroom, law enforcement officers found all the students' mobile phones.
"To confiscate the phone is to keep discipline in the classroom, which is a daily real name system sign in." An old student said.
It is understood that this "Sinology class" in March this year, "school", the students are mostly introduced by friends, and even from Zhejiang, Shanxi and other places.
Jiyuan out of two MLM dens are under the guise of Sinology
At the same time, another way of law enforcement officers in the East Sun Cun Zhi town a residential also dealt with a MLM dens, is also the name of "Ancient Chinese Literature Search class" banner, to join the Internet to get 10 million yuan high returns as bait, to carry out the brainwashing lecture, "free entry fee is different from the traditional pyramid" under the guise of deception in the elderly to participate in lectures, and then to realize their dream of "heaven pie".
"By the masses, law enforcement officers secretly survey, the organization in the city of about 200 people, divided into 6 training points, in addition to the two point of the day investigation, law enforcement officers seized on the distribution in Jiyuan law professional school, the village neighborhood, mud River neighborhood, Wang Wu town at the training point at the same time." Jia Wendong, deputy director of the Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce, said.
Jia Wendong introduced, compared with the past, change the marketing organization marketing model, the first step is to "pull the head", through the introduction of other ways to first pull over, to carry out some of the explanations has nothing to do with the marketing activities, such as Ancient Chinese Literature Search and traditional culture, also do not charge entry fees from students, ideological paralysis.
After two months of illegal personnel step by step indoctrination, the student's thinking has changed, so that students do what students do, if you fall into the circle, it is difficult to extricate themselves, it will bring economic losses to the family.
In this city, the fight against pyramid schemes work leading group reminded the public to enhance awareness of the law and awareness, give up chances, wary of MLM organization "make only superficial changes" fraud in the elderly, do not rely on others to induce more, don't be jealous of high returns, once found suspected MLM activities, should be timely to the occurrence of industrial and commercial authorities, report to the public security organs.