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Yulin destroyed Hebe Luyuan group MLM involving 540000


CNDSn December 26th news [] (Xi'an evening) recently, Yulin Yuheng Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Brigade successfully destroyed a sales of water purification machines as illegal pyramid selling organization. The organization in order to sell water purification machine under the guise of marketing activities, currently has more than 100 people have been deceived, involving up to 540000 yuan.

In December 20th, the Shahekou high tech Zone police station received a report said, hi tech Zone within a certain area has more than the masses to participate in the "Hebe Luyuan brand water purifier" marketing lecture activities, suspected of illegal pyramid selling. Police quickly went to the investigation, quickly locked the plot, and control of the pyramid marketing dens, will be suspected of illegal pyramid selling more than 70 people captured in one fell swoop.

According to investigation, the marketing staff is to sell "Hebe Luyuan group water purifier" products under the guise of MLM, is. Key members of the pyramid selling organization is "Hebe Luyuan brand water machine" and "lecturer" Shin and backbone member Lee, they come to Yulin to develop the membership of the promotion of the pyramid selling organization profit pattern, charge a membership of funds, issuance of product.

After more than 70 people one on one of the interrogation, the police understood the basic situation of the pyramid selling organization, master Shen a large number of criminal evidence. The suspect shen Mou to explain, he began activities in Yanan area in 2013, came to Yulin to meet members of activities this year, Li Mouhou, water purifier, water purifying kettle sales to its propaganda, is the main way in the future to buy the product can become the company's VIP member, become a VIP membership, and RE development two people can get huge rebate.

In order to be able to pull more "head" in the city of Yulin, and let more people participate in the pyramid selling organization, the pyramid selling organization to weekly salary system, cashed 10% bonus income. At present, the police grasp the pyramid selling organization development staff of about a hundred people, involving up to 540000 yuan. *

(original title: Yulin destroyed Hebe Luyuan group MLM involving 540000)

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