2019-09-20 14:10


Take the money and run? Customers sell houses and fry foreign exchange for 700,000 yuan.


[Beijing Direct News Network September 20th] (Qilu Evening News)A few days ago, Mr. Wei, a citizen of Qingdao, reported to Qilu Evening News Qiluyi that he joined the new company last year. With the introduction of his new colleagues, he signed a commission transaction agreement with a company named "Qingdao Shengquan Tianke Investment Consulting Co., Ltd." in Shinan District, which invested more than 700,000 yuan three times, although the other party undertook it. Nobel's earnings are higher and higher, but after maturity, the principal and interest have not been realized. After innumerable communications, the other side has been asking Mr. Wei to wait. But wait for more than a year, more than a month ago, the company's head directly blackened his micro-mail, phone calls did not answer, play disappeared.

Invest more than 700,000 yuan in financial management, after a year, the "capital" is gone.

According to the telephone left, the reporter contacted Mr. Wei. He told reporters in detail about the experience: he joined the new company in early 2018. In March of that year, he signed a commission agreement with a company named "Qingdao Shengquan Tianke Investment Consulting Co., Ltd." According to the agreement, the company gave Mr. Wei expected annual earnings. It is 10%. "At that time, I had just sold my house and wanted to buy a bigger one as down payment to improve the living environment. At that time, they said that only two months, you can get 10% of the annual income, so moved to sign a commission agreement with the other side. Mr. Wei said that at first he had invested $30,000 for two months, and then he had invested $500,000 and $15,000 under various persuasions from the other side. "In the end, I really had no money, but I couldn't resist the persuasion of the other side. And the benefits they promised were getting higher and higher, for example, how much they would give them. Money, and then in a week or two, tens of thousands will be returned to me. Finally, when I urged them to return the money, they advised me to pay again."

According to the entrustment agreement provided by Mr. Wei, the reporter noticed that in the entrustment agreement, in addition to Party A's "Qingdao Shengquan Tianke Investment Consulting Co., Ltd" and Party B's Mr. Wei, there is also Party C's "Qingdao Langpan Gold Asset Management Co., Ltd." In accordance with the agreement, Party C provides financial supervision services, and Mr. Wei's money is transferred to Party C's account. "After the introduction of colleagues, the first thing I knew was Zou Mou Mou, who was in charge of the"wave gold rush". He was a partner with Mou Mou Mou Mou of"Shengquan Tianke", and my money was transferred to Zou Mou.

Wechat blackmail, phone refusal, the other party's play disappears

When the amount of investment is added up, the promised principal and interest can not be realized. Mr. Wei has consulted with Zou Mou Mou Mou Mou Mou Mou Mou Di many times to ask for the return of principal and the payment of interest. "At first, they not only gave them money, but also used various new projects as reasons, offered various high returns to persuade me to invest more. Later, when I saw that I really had no money, I kept dragging on and let me wait." Mr. Wei said that until more than a month ago, he had directly blackened his micro-mail and refused to answer the phone, and disappeared.

According to the contact information provided by Mr. Wei, the reporter tried to contact Mou Mou Mou-di, the person in charge of Party A, and Zou Mou-di, the person in charge of Party C for many times. However, Mou Mou-di's two telephone calls could be made but no one answered them. Zou's phone had been shut down. Mr. Wei also provided a recording of Zou Mou's interview, in which Zou Mou once said that Mr. Wei's principal was transferred unilaterally by Mou Mou Mou Mou Di. Because of disputes between Party A and Party C, Zou Mou is now heavily in debt.