2020-08-18 16:20


Bao Ge Relativity: such working attitude is worth praising manually!


[Beijing Direct News Network August 18th] (Bao Ge Relativity)In the new corporate culture manual that the company is preparing, there is a section that collects a lot of real examples about employees. Among them, a young man from the production department left a deep impression on me.

He is a process technician from the production department. He is diligent and conscientious in his daily work, and his biggest characteristic is that he loves to ponder and study. It is precisely because of this that he has made great contributions to his original ordinary post.

Small innovation, big harvest

In order to let users understand the product more clearly, we will print the two-dimensional code which can query the product information on the package. To print the two-dimensional code on the package, we need to use a matching color belt provided by the labeling machine manufacturer. This kind of color belt has good printing effect, clear and wear-resistant, which means the price is relatively high.

The annual output of our company's workshop is high, and the use of ribbon is naturally large. If a roll of ribbon is thrown away only once, the amount of consumables will be larger and larger, and the excess part of each roll of ribbon can only be wasted.

Bao Ge Relativity: such working attitude is worth praising manually!

It was such a thing that many people would not think about, which attracted the young man's attention. He began to think about it himself: what's a good way to improve it?

After measurement, he found that the width of the ribbon is 55mm, while the width of the two-dimensional code is 20mm. Theoretically, it is enough to print two rows of QR codes. But is it feasible to operate in practice? He reported this idea to the workshop manager and immediately got the support of the workshop manager.

Next, he tried to install the ribbon used for the first time upside down on the running disc. Comparing with the actual printing effect, he constantly adjusted the position of the ribbon installation distance from the disk. After several debugging, he found that this method was really feasible. Not only did it not affect the printing effect of the two-dimensional code, but also a roll of ribbon that could (hypothetically) print 500 two-dimensional codes could be printed after improvement Printing 1000 two-dimensional code! In this way, the utilization rate of ribbon is increased by 100%, and more importantly, the consumption of consumables is greatly reduced!

Create value not by small things and light heart

His innovative and improved results were immediately promoted on the packaging of seal pills, which reduced the original annual consumption of 26 rolls of ribbon to 13 rolls, saving half of the consumables.

In the work, it seems that this is just a small innovation, but behind this move is the attitude of our employees who are willing to actively think, innovate and improve Don't treat things as small and light hearted. This kind of work spirit is worth praising manually!

Last week, we won the "green development enterprise of the year" award again. It can be said that Sansheng is not only the pioneer but also the promoter in the field of green environmental protection. We have been putting the concept of green environmental protection throughout the product R & D, procurement, production, transportation, sales and other links, we strive to control and reduce the possible negative impact on the environment to the greatest extent, and the discharge standard rate of waste water, waste gas and waste has reached 100% In order to achieve green R & D, green procurement, green production.

Bao Ge Relativity: such working attitude is worth praising manually!

When we talk about the social responsibility of enterprises, we should set an example. I think that only when these ideas and ideas are truly integrated into the consciousness and action of each employee, can they be regarded as success.