2020-08-18 16:18


Perfect Gu Runjin: helping poverty alleviation and bringing Chinese businessmen closer to the motherland


[Beijing Direct News Network August 18th] (China News Network)"The longer overseas Chinese stay abroad, the deeper their feelings towards their ancestral country will be. This year is the year when China is determined to build a well-off society in an all-round way and to shake off poverty. I believe that overseas Chinese businessmen are an indispensable force. Although we are in different countries and regions and have different abilities, we still have the same strong feeling of mulberry seed. "

Gu Runjin, a well-known overseas Chinese businessman and chairman of perfect company, recently told a reporter from China News Network in Beijing that the deep attachment of the vast number of Chinese businessmen to their ancestral country is the driving force for them to participate in poverty alleviation. It has always been a good tradition for overseas Chinese businessmen to help the poor and benefit Sangzi.

He cited his own experience as an example. In 1994, Gu Runjin returned to his hometown Zhongshan, Guangdong Province from Malaysia to start his own business. He benefited from the preferential tax policies given by the Chinese government to overseas Chinese funded enterprises. "As an overseas Chinese businessman, I am very lucky to catch up with the great opportunity of China's reform and opening up. Therefore, with a heart of gratitude, I put myself into China's development and construction, and undertake the social responsibility of enterprises."

"In recent years, there have been figures of caring people in the overseas Chinese community helping the poor all over the country. They have donated materials, signed assistance agreements, invested projects and guided exports. Overseas Chinese and Chinese are participating in China's poverty alleviation in their own ways." Gu Runjin believes that the majority of Chinese businessmen play an important role in poverty alleviation. They can explore effective poverty alleviation programs and help the poor people down-to-earth through the institutions, organizations and personal contacts they participate in and according to the actual situation of relevant poverty-stricken areas.

He said that in recent years, perfect company has actively carried out poverty alleviation practice in various fields, such as industrial assistance, education and development, medical and health care, donation to help the poor, and actively participated in the implementation of the national "targeted poverty alleviation" strategy through poverty alleviation through education, rural poverty alleviation, and "fishing program", and the results achieved are gratifying.

Besides participating in poverty alleviation, Gu Runjin has been enthusiastic about overseas Chinese education for many years. By supporting the Chinese Language Education Foundation of China to carry out various Chinese education projects, perfect company strives to provide more overseas Chinese teenagers with opportunities to learn Chinese and understand Chinese culture.

"Chinese culture is a cultural umbilical cord that can never be broken. As a Chinese, Chinese culture has a profound influence on me and has been integrated into my blood. " Gu Runjin said that he hopes that through his own actions, he hopes to actively influence and drive overseas Chinese to care about and participate in Chinese education, so that Chinese culture can take root and sprout overseas and spread its branches and leaves.