2020-08-18 16:16


Xu Huafeng: the promotion of health food industry should be supported by science and technology


[Beijing Direct News Network August 18th] (Beijing News)"The impact of the epidemic on the health food industry is periodic and temporary." On the evening of August 11, at the health sub forum of the "new pattern of China's economy: riding the wind and breaking the waves" summer summit sponsored by shell finance and economics of Beijing News, Xu Huafeng, vice president of China Health Care Association, said that the epidemic situation is a big test for every industry.

During the epidemic period, people stayed at home, their social life was suspended, and their lifestyle began to change. Although the health food industry has a relatively stable consumption base, it is difficult for enterprises to carry out offline activities, and it is difficult for enterprises to close stores and resume production. All these have a great impact on the production, logistics and sales of the health food industry.

"The impact of the epidemic on the health food industry should be phased and temporary. I believe that the industry closest to the daily life of the people will take the lead to get out of the predicament, and the long-term trend of the industry will not change." Xu Huafeng said.

Each enterprise is affected by the epidemic in different degrees, just as everyone's resistance is different. The development of health food industry depends on economic growth, per capita income, including the trend of aging, chronic diseases and consumption concept. "In order to promote the development of the industry, it is very important to support the safety, safety, efficacy and scientific management of health food with science and technology." In Xu Huafeng's view, it is a critical period for the health food industry to transform its development mode, optimize its industrial structure and transform its growth momentum. This direction will not be interrupted or delayed by the normalization of epidemic prevention and control. "In the process of sweeping the sand, products with core elements such as technological innovation, unique ingredients, exclusive raw materials, intellectual property rights, etc., will lead the health food industry to develop rapidly Make rapid and quality progress. "